Strip Club Secrets Revealed!

4 Easy Steps to Date Any Exotic Dancer

Discover how to flip the script and get her chasing YOU, without spending a dime on dances, getting used for your money or competing with other guys.

From the desk of Andrew Ryan

This is how it always begins...

"Hey sweetie, how about a dance?"

You flash a clever smile.

"Thanks," you say to the half-naked beauty standing in front of you. "But I don't think you can afford me..."

Step 1... complete. It happens so fast, she doesn't even notice the power starting to shift in your favor.

But you notice. And now... it's ON.

You lean back and relax as she sits on your lap and tries to turn you on...

You playfully deflect her attempts to get in your wallet...

You tease her into revealing her true personality...

Five minutes later, you hit step 2, and now… she won't leave you alone.

She doesn't realize it yet, but she's starting to see you as "more than a customer"

Much, more more.

"Seriously," you tell her... "If you want to make money, you should go talk to other guys"

But it's too late, she's hooked on you now... and ignoring every other guy in the club.

By the time you hit step 3, she's staring into your eyes like she just fell in love.

And before you even reach step 4, she's forcing her number into your phone and begging you to text her after you leave.

Later, lying naked in your arms at 6 am as the sun comes up, she'll confess...

“I don't know why... There was just

something DIFFERENT about you.”

The story you just read is NOT a fantasy.

It's the reality for a small, select group of guys who understand the 4 Easy Steps on the page below.

I know dating an exotic dancer might SOUND like a complete fantasy, but guess what?

They are actually easier to attract than 99% of girls!

Yes, you read that correctly.

An exotic dancer is one of the easiest types of women to attract, bed and date...

She will never reject you. She will approach you first. She will always be nice to you.

But first, before you go to your local strip club and put the 4 Easy Steps into action...

You need to understand one very important thing

If you want to date a Dancer, then...

You must never, ever pay her any money whatsoever.

Don’t pay for dances, don’t throw “dolla bills”... don’t be like every other customer.

Why? Because exotic dancers don't sleep with customers.

She may SAY she really likes you, and you may THINK you’re actually getting somewhere…

But the moment you pay for her services, it's all business from there. ​

If you want to get deeper inside her world than every other guy, she has to see you as MORE than a customer.

So how do you set yourself apart from every other guy paying hundreds of dollars for her time?

How do you break through her fake "str!pper persona" and connect with her real emotions?

And how do you get her outside of the strip club so you can have real "quality time" together?

That's exactly what you're going to learn inside

Strip Club Secrets

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You will discover...

1... How to navigate the first few minutes of conversation (when she makes small talk and asks if you want a lap dance)

2... How to keep her interested without having to pay her any money

3... How to connect with the "real girl" underneath all that glitter and makeup

4... How to get her number and see her outside of the club.

These 4 steps are simple, repeatable, and they work in any strip club, with any type of dancer...

These are secrets I've never shared publicly before, but my friend Brad finally got me to spill the beans in a private interview...

And we recorded the entire thing, for your benefit.

Here are some of the mind blowing Strip Club Secrets revealed in this hour long interview...

  • Strip club psychology... what makes her different than other girls, and how to show her you "get her" more than any other guy
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    The easiest way to get her interested in you as more than just a customer...
  • check
    How to bypass her “str!pper persona” and talk directly to the “real girl”... I guarantee you she has never had a guy talk to her like this before!
  • How most dancers view men that come into the strip club, and how to stand out as the most attractive, unique guy she's ever met.
  • The #1 thing every exotic dancer is MOST attracted to in a man (don’t worry, they don’t actually care about your looks or your money like other girls do)
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    My top 10 “Strip club lines”... use them to tease her and get her chasing you. She’ll never expect you to talk to her like this!
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    Why you should never call a dancer by her “stage name”... and how to get her to confess her real name to you in the first 10 minutes of conversation.
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    Did you know most dancers have 2 phone numbers? One is for business, and one is personal. I'll show you how to get her personal number... without even trying.
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    The "4 dollar bill trick" to get a girl's attention while she's on stage... this will get her to immediately come over to you after she's finished dancing

By the way, you may be wondering...

Why am I NOT using the term "str!pper"...?

1... Because internet spam filters don't like it. 

2... Neither do girls who work in the industry.

In fact, out of the dozens of dancers I've dated, almost all of them vastly preferred the term "dancer" to "str!pper."

So there you go... your first (of many) powerful ways to "speak her language" and separate yourself from every other guy.

And there are SO many more "insider secrets" inside, including...

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    The hidden rules of the industry and how to navigate any strip club like an insider
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    How to raise your status inside the club without paying any money. The guys blowing fat stacks of cash can NEVER compete with this
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    10 reasons why exotic dancers are actually EASIER to attract than any other girl. Think she’s “out of your league?” Think again.
  • check
    How to spot the girls who only want to manipulate you for money, and avoid their “traps”
  • check
    My 5 favorite “types” of dancers… because I want you to know they’re not all fake and plastic! Some of them will be the most interesting, charming and LOYAL women you’ve ever met.
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    How to walk into any strip club and feel comfortable right away, even if you’re intimidated by the environment
  • check
    7 common mistakes you must AVOID if you want any chance of sleeping with one of the girls
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    Going to the strip club alone? I’ll show you how to talk to the girls in a way that makes you look like you’re friends with everybody
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    And of course, you'll discover the 4 Simple Steps to sleeping with almost any dancer in the club... starting when she approaches you for a lap dance, and ending when she slides into bed with you.

Ready to have your mind blown?

​If you’ve come this far then let’s be honest with each other.

You already know "Strip Club Secrets" is for you. 

And now let’s make it a complete no brainer to say YES to this opportunity...

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Strip Club Secrets is $99 and that’s already very generous considering the power you’re about to gain.

Most guys blow a hundred bucks for a five minute dance and never see the girl again!

Meanwhile, you’re about to gain the power to sleep with that gorgeous dancer, without paying her a dime.

And it gets even better for you now...

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This is valuable insider knowledge 99.9% of guys will never have.

You may even feel sorry for the other guys inside the club. I often do.

Enjoy yourself, and be good to all the dancers you're about to meet.


- Andrew Ryan

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