Strip Club Secrets

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Recap of the 4 Steps:

1 - Show her you’re not a customer

2 - Tease her and get her chasing you

3 - Connect with her emotions and make her feel special

4 - Get her number and see her outside the club

What to do after you get her number?

Meet up with her ASAP! Take her on a date, invite her over for a nightcap, or even meet for a late night bite to eat after she’s done working.

It’s crucial that you capitalize on the emotions of the moment. Don’t wait longer than a day to text her or she’ll start to get distracted by work and life, and forget how you made her feel.

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Bonus Videos

The #1 Strip Club Mistake to Avoid


Top 10 Things to Say to Dancers


The "4 Dollar Bill" Trick


Video Tutorial - Texting a Dancer


Bonus Video
[Warning - NSFW]

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